Hạt Gạo Tình Thương | Hạnh phúc...là cho đi. | Saigon 2021


Sharing always brings joy, happiness, health, and even life to each of us and so does TMT Foundation. Our charity team is back at it again to share the love with 300 struggling families in Saigon during the peak of this pandemic in Vietnam. We hope together we can get through this difficult and challenging time.

Here is our love memo included in every rice and noodle care package for each of the families:

Each of us has only one life to live. The essential thing in every human being is the confidence and perseverance to find a way to overcome difficulties, have an optimistic view of life and surely this world will smile and respond to us with "the gift of happiness".

TMT Foundation hopes that this small gift can help share a part of difficulties and challenges with your family. With Lov


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