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TMT History

Tony Ly is the Founder and CEO of TMT Insurance center which he started in Houston, Texas in 2013. Starting with the Health Insurance – Obamacare program (Affordable Care Act program), with only 2 employees at the beginning. Today, TMT Insurance is widening its products to serve all kinds of insurance that people need, from Individuals, Families to Commercial Insurance and Tax Services, and opening 4 locations in Texas, Illinois and Mississippi.

Tony has been married to his wife Magalie Albert who plays as CFO in TMT Insurance. They work together to run company and contribute to many local and national charities with both their time and financial support.


Tony Ly
Magalie Albert

Our Goal

Our goal is to help people achieve their financial objective. We pledge our knowledge, resources and dedication to integrity in all we do.

Our Vision

TMT Insurance is a professional organization dedicated to providing clients with the best insurance solutions possible. We maintain a professional and efficient work environment which helps each person to achieve his or her personal goals.

TMT Foundation

At TMT Insurance, we believe that a good company need to have a strong connection with communities. Therefore, we created TMT Foundation to listen to the needs of our community and offering to help however we can.

We have had charity trips to Vietnam in last 2 years to help poor and disability children with foods, school stationary. We plan to expand our fund to help Blind people get Eye Surgery in next year.