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Health Insurance

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We should prepare for the risks of illness in life by buying health insurance. Health insurance helps patients have the opportunity to be exposed to top medical services, while sharing the financial burden, ensuring peace of mind, and creating the best conditions for patients to visit. examination, treatment as well as quick recovery of health.

The participation of the customer with this product is completely voluntary, not coercive. Most of the product packages offered by insurance companies already have benefits, customers depending on their needs and their families will choose those available benefit packages.

The annual Health Insurance enrollment period begins on November 1 and ends on December 15 of each year. If you miss the annual enrollment period, you can continue your coverage in the following ways: enroll in the Special Enrollment Period, enroll in a short-term plan, or through Medicaid, CHIP if eligible.


10 great medical benefits when you have Health Insurance

- Outpatient treatment service

- Emergency services

- Inpatient hospital services

- Maternity care and newborn care

- Psychological care and treatment services

- Prescription drugs

- Rehabilitation service

- Testing Service

- General examination service

- Pediatric Services