Should you bundle Home and Auto insurance?


Did you know protecting your vehicle and property could be even better when you combine your insurance? You probably need more than one type of insurance, so why not save money when buying multiple policies?




1. What are the bundling home and auto insurance?

Insurance bundling helps people save money on their home and auto insurance by purchasing more than one insurance policy from the same company. The more types of insurance you bundle, the more money you may be able to save. It's possible that not all insurers will offer all the coverage you need, so focus your search on companies that do.


2. Should you bundle home and auto insurance?

To decide if you should bundle home and auto insurance, compare quotes for separate policies and bundled policies. If you find separate policies where the combined total is cheaper than one insurer's bundled rate, there’s no reason to buy them together.


Many insurers offer bundling discounts, but how much you save depends on where you live and the company that insures you. To be sure you're getting the best price, make certain any combined price from one insurer is lower than buying the coverages separately from different companies.


3. Benefits of bundling home and auto insurance


  • Simplified policy management. You should have less of a hassle managing multiple policies when they come from the same company.
  • Savings: Combining your insurance policies under one company can mean serious savings. Companies want you to keep all your policies in the same place, so they’ll offer big discounts for combining your home, auto, motorcycle, boat, or RV insurance all in the same place.
  • Convenience: Along with the savings, bundling also makes managing policies easier, cuts down on paperwork, saves you time trying to remember log-in information and passwords, and reduces the inconvenience of having to communicate with multiple insurance companies when filing a claim or renewing your policy.
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