The Million Dollar Baby Plan


Prepare the best financial foundation for children during the 3 main stages of life: going to college, getting married, and retiring.




Each policy has a guaranteed cash value and every year, a tax-free dividend is paid into this cash value. These policies have existed since 1847, and a dividend payment has never been missed.


Why choose a Million Dollar Baby Plan? 


- Cash values can be used by your child for any financial need in life including education, down payment on a home, starting a business, and even providing financial security for their future family


- You can open a plan for your child as early as 14 days after birth


- Parents, grandparents, legal guardians, aunts, or uncles can open these plans and will own and control the policy for as long as they like,


- Ownership can be handed over to the child at any time, tax-free, after they turn 18,


- Because it’s a life insurance plan, your child will be permanently covered, regardless of any illness that may arise,


- This is an asset that either you or your child, can use for retirement,


- It’s completely funded after a 20-year period. No further deposits are required.

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