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Workers’ Compensation Insurance (Workers Comp) is a policy that provides coverage for employees of a business in the event that they are injured at work or have a work related illness. Workers Comp coverage includes income benefits to pay employees lost wages, medical benefits, burial benefits and death benefits.

Workers Comp insurance is available in all 50 states and is regulated by each state. There are four States where the State sets rates and operates a state administered workers’ compensation fund: Ohio, North Dakota, Washington and Wyoming. The State of Texas does not require private employers in to carry Workers Comp coverage.

TMT INSURANCE represents a number of companies that offer Workers Comp coverage. It is important that the policy and coverage you select matches your business needs. By working with an experienced TMT INSURANCE agent you can avoid gaps in coverage and determine which company and policy is right for your business.

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These are questions that many people are asking. At TMT, we have the answers. Our licensed agents will walk you through each step of the process and guid you to the information that will empower you to make a informed choices.

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